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The Darrington Youth Coalition Is Teaming Up to Prevention Teen Marijuana Use.


Marijuana can’t. You can.

You know what you can do. You are capable of so much – beating Red Dead Redemption II, passing that test, being a good friend, hitting that homerun.  So why let marijuana get in the way? Using marijuana can affect your brain, body, and future. Your brain doesn’t finish developing until your mid-20s, and marijuana impacts your brain’s chemicals, making it harder to learn and remember things. It also messes with your body’s coordination and movement—affecting your ability to drive, play sports, or perform on stage. Marijuana can get you in trouble at school, kicked off your sports team, or even get you an MIP (Minor in Possession) on your record.

 Bottom line: marijuana can slow you down, impair your judgement, and leave you cut off from friends and family—but there’s so much it can’t do. It can’t pass that driving test. It can’t get you an internship. It can’t perform on stage. It can’t turn your goals into reality. So, when it comes to doing your thing, marijuana can’t, but you can.

 Learn more about the health effects and consequences of using marijuana at 

Darrington Youth Coalition (DYC) Activities

Darrington Youth Coalition (DYC) Activities

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Fourth of July - Free Hot Dogs at Old School

Fourth of July - Free Hot Dogs at Old School